Individual counselling and therapy

What to expect...

As a counsellor I am aware of the difficulties clients face and the stigma attached to seeing a therapist, but I strongly feel that through these pathways and steps forward into counselling positive changes will occur in client’s lives.

Having therapy can be daunting especially if you’ve never done it before. The service I offer is very personable and is designed to make you feel at ease with me.


I believe success in therapy is firstly centered around the relationship we develop during our time together. I aim to create an open and free space to be able to work on sensitive issues, identifying unconscious patterns of relating and bringing them into your awareness.


Life has a way of throwing curve balls at us at every turn so with therapy we will aim to navigate those challenges


My aim is firstly to offer you a safe space where you feel free to explore what is going on for you. As we continue to work together, we will look at different patterns that may be presenting themselves, identify where they come from and develop the skills you may need to work through those difficulties.

My Approach

With my experience working with clients from a range of different backgrounds I am capable of building a therapeutic alliance with a diverse range of people to understand their inner worlds.

Working interculturally I have gained extensive experience with people who are interested in looking at their identity. Part of this way of working means we may focus on how you see yourself and where you feel you fit into today’s society.

The approach to my practice is integrative which allows me to draw from various therapeutic modalities to tailor therapy to your individual and unique needs. Some modalities I utilise include psychodynamic, mindfulness, person centred and elements of existentialism.

My integrative model means we will look at your conditions of worth alongside your unconscious processes. We will look at your value systems and work psychodynamically to identify where the foundations of these lay.


The therapeutic relationship is the cornerstone of therapeutic change and i will offer you unconditional positive regard to counteract your conditions of worth.

Most importantly I want you to use the therapy room to be your most unapologetic self feeling free of judgement.