Beginning therapy for the first time can sometimes feel daunting and that is a completely normal response.


As a counsellor I am aware of the stigma attached to having therapy. It's important to remember your experience largely centers around what you would like it to be.


I aim to foster an open and free space where you can discuss any negative thoughts and feelings, navigate life changes, or deal with past trauma.


You know yourself best, it is my job to help empower you with the tools you need to create positive change in your life.

I will facilitate your greater awareness of self - your body, your feelings and help you gain an understanding of why you act the way you do

What to expect

My Approach

With my experience working with clients from a range of different backgrounds I am capable of building a therapeutic alliance with a diverse range of people to understand their inner worlds.

Working interculturally I have gained extensive experience with people who are interested in looking at their identity. Part of this way of working means we may focus on how you see yourself and where you feel you fit into today’s society.

The approach to my practice is integrative which allows me to draw from various therapeutic modalities to tailor therapy to your individual and unique needs. Some modalities I utilise include psychodynamic, mindfulness, person centred and elements of existentialism.

I provide a safe, confidential and non-judgemental space where I can help you gain insight into the less conscious aspects of your thinking, behaviour and feelings.


I am passionate about joining you on your journey into self discovery but understanding self is just one part of the process, I will help you process any unresolved feelings which may be impacting your state of being in present. 


The therapeutic relationship is the cornerstone of therapeutic change and i will offer you unconditional positive regard to counteract your conditions of worth.

Most importantly I want you to use the therapy room to be your most unapologetic self feeling free of judgement.