Therapy for Musicians & Creatives


Wordsworth once said good poetry is “spontaneous overflow of feelings”, coming out of “emotion recollected in tranquillity”. Music as art is a form of poetry- capturing an audience through personal storytelling. 

Writers block and the inability to articulate the feelings from a time in a person’s life can halt creatives in their tracks. While inspiration can strike at any time, exploring some of the defining themes and events in your life can help you create songs which are wholly authentic to you.  With 9 years working within the music industries hearing singer/songwriters discuss some of their artistic processes it has enabled me to recognise that working with people exploring themselves helps.

Having worked alongside those in the music industry. I have come across singer/songwriters who have discussed their artistic processes. As a creative, therapy with someone familiar within the industry can lend emotional and directional support in finding, homing in on their message, and using that focus to bring their vision to life.

Therapy helps people process emotions and feelings of guilt, remorse, grief and sadness. Counselling and talking therapy facilitate people to dedicate time to facing and confronting these feelings. 

For a creative it is an important balance between letting the art create itself and good direction. Homing in on life events or experiences can allow a client to explore how an event or time in their life made them feel making it easier for them to articulate it.

When there is a set appointment with a person, you’re committed to them for a period of time, meaning you can’t put off or run away from facing your feeling. Equally you are less likely to be distracted whilst you are facing those feelings.

What I aim to do is facilitate clients to get in touch with these feelings and in the case of creatives allows them to access those feelings by bringing them from the unconscious into the conscious enabling them to get these down on paper.

Your Mind Is The Most

Important Instrument...

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Things you may be feeling...

  • Feeling like you aren’t getting anywhere, for instance the time and effort you’re putting in doesn’t seem as if its reaping any rewards.

  • Not getting noticed, you are consistent with art and putting out your art, but people just won’t take any notice.


  • Those working a full-time job and finding time to hone their craft may find it difficult leading to lack of motivation


  • Fear of failure, fear of judgment and fear of success even!


  • Envy watching others succeed. The feeling of being left behind and watching people who have not been striving to be recognised for as long as you.

  • Financial difficulties that come with chasing your dreams!

I can help you with...

  • Creative blocks

  • Self-doubt & self-sabotage

  • Creativity expansion & performance enhancement

  • Coping with stress, anxiety & depression

  • Reigniting imagination & inspiration

  • Exploring relationships past and present

  • Maintaining balance & stability

  • Navigating the highs & lows of working in creative industries


More about me...

My therapy style is personable and warm. As the relationship develops I will not hold back in challenging you in the interest of getting the best out of you.

I will join you on your journey into self-discovery and facilitate your exploration. I believe that you are an expert in your own life, experiences and how you feel about them, I am merely someone who is joining you while you uncover and navigate your way through it.

Although exploration into the past is a big part of the work many of my clients will also notice a shift towards more emotional awareness.

I also specialise in creating a space for selfcare for creative people. Using talking therapy and creative modalities I help people find ways to better manage anxiety, creative blockages  and navigate the stresses that come with working within the creative fields.

I’m passionate about creating and artistic expression so providing a ‘blank canvas’ for creative types to be able to explore their inner worlds is ideal for my practice and your exploration.

Creatives tend to experience life and it’s nuances in a uniquely different way than others so through talking therapy I aim to provide a space where you can thrive, find inspiration and explore the wonderfully colourful way you see you world to put you in a place where you are free to create.